I like math. Although I am still in the first grade of junior high school, I am studying calculus. I think calculus is a very interesting subject, which gave me a further understanding of elementary mathematics. I used the same books my father had used in college.

Together with my classmates, we climbed the ‘little Great Wall’. Although it was not very long, I still walked very tired, but I felt very happy, because I was able to play with good friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 👍 ✨

A little cat came to visit me today. I gave him canned fish and cat food. He is happy to enjoy the food and then hang out at my home. Welcome to visit.

Our school tradition: Cooperative Growth Group. I am an excellent member of our team.

I won the first prize of Scratch Programming Challenge in the 7th national youth electronic information intelligence innovation competition in 2019.This is really a surprise to me, great!